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The perfect way to reset, reimagine and refocus is to simply live happily one day at a time.

Go on slow walks with your pet dog, alone or your loved one keeping safety norms.

Take a break from whatever is occupying your mind to align with your form and mind. Live in the moment

Take deep breaths.

When things start to get overwhelming, stressful or exhausting, rest and take deep breaths.

Deep methodical breathing helps stimulate the vagus nerve, which is known to trigger a calming response in the body.

Pause in Everyday Life

Patience is Power. Perform this with intention until it becomes your practice.

Enjoy the meals you eat.

Drop the phone or that book you're reading and focus savoring the food you're eating.

Chew slowly. Enjoy the flavors and textures.

Think of the people who lovingly prepared the food you're consuming.

Find your inner silence by scheduling 2-minute breaks every hour.

It can happen spontaneously too, such as when getting in and out of your calls, before and after a business wfh meeting, or upon rising or before you sleep.

Relate to others kindly.

Start being kind with yourself.

Express your passion towards compassion.

Speak honestly and from the heart.

Our emotional tone can make or break a productive conversation.

Pause before you speak to create a friendlier atmosphere conducive for heartfelt communication.

Think freely and with an open mind.

Just the same, listen to what others have to say.

We only have one life to live. Make it count.

   Live your purpose one day at a time.   

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