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Hap-tech is basically the use of technology to develop an individual’s positive mind, soul and body. Happiness is important because it constitutes a final goal for human beings. Happiness is something to which one aspires and its search motivates human action. An example of this is that a resolution of the United Nations of 2012 states that “the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human objective because it constitutes a final goal for human beings.

Technology is pertinent while being used for happiness, since it is one of the large-scale goals of humanity. What is happiness: being with your friends & family, watching your favorite movie, eating your favorite meal, playing your favorite sport, reading a book, being with nature…? Actually, it differs among people. People have different ways to get their brain knocked on to the positive side of life, just something that makes you think good about something in your life.

When you bring the science of technology and happiness together, the result is hap-tech. Technology for good can have a large variety of efficient functions. This makes it ideal to guide people towards the journey of happiness through many different ways. The ease of using technology also contributes to its use. Examples of hap-tech are apps, websites, gadgets, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more!

Who We Are ?

HCQSF® is not another Learning Management System implementation but a full life skills learning experience solution with a scientific ROI basis data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence - we with our collaboration tech partner from Finland provide our customers with everything they need when producing effective and engaging HAPPINESS courses from platform to learning design and learning data and analytics services.

We hereby offer you the Happiness quotient framework and related services to ignite happiness learning. We bring to the table the bespoke curated platform of mental hygiene for employees to embrace a positive approach to life skills based on time proven best practices adopted from Japan, which promotes a holistic approach to a balanced work life system.


Connect the 5 dimensions of well-being quotient. Entrench the eastern philosophy of Ikigai with the cutting edge e-learning technology from Finland in the learning culture. Put individual wants and needs at the centre of the learning experience. Put purpose at the heart of the 360 wellbeing program Nudge, do not judge Leverage technology for good and move on from traditional methods of assessment to a holistic one HQ = IQ+AQ+EQ+SQ+PQ. Use the learning environment to promote healthy behaviour.

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Manoj Anchan

Manoj Anchan, 'Manny' brings 25 years of Global management & business leadership experience through various stints at leading transnational corporations like GE Capital, HDFC bank, ABN AMRO, Barclays, AUB & FAB. Manny has worked, studied and lived in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America and is truly a global citizen. An alumnus of Harvard and Columbia business school, he is at ease amidst multicultural, multinational environments.

Manny is a global motivational speaker, purpose researcher and a happiness maverick. He studied happiness concepts namely Ikigai from Japan, Hygge from Denmark, Lagom from Sweden, Sisu from Finland and the Gross National Happiness from Bhutan.

Passionate about bringing out a positive change in society through happiness, he launched HQGPL, a venture promoting mental health, well-being and happiness. He is a Gross Global Happiness Summit Presenter, board member of the startup school Indus Bangalore international as their mentor, a part of the education committee of the IMC Chamber of Commerce and an adjunct professor at a leading business school. His company, HQGPL has tie-ups with the Institute of Happiness, Bhutan and Happiness Studies Academy, Israel and the Edu tech partnership is with Claned, Finland.

His knowledge and passion have led him to do two TedX Talks which were beyond inspiring. It also pushed him to be the proud author of three books, including Happiness Samurai which is written to awaken the Happiness Samurai within all of us. It talks about the combination of Ikigai and your true purpose. Happiness Memoir consists of the 10 most important lessons in life. It is a 200-page guide and journal to personal transformation. His latest book; Happiness Conversations is about conversations between a father and his son as they complement each other's happiness. A book about wisdom and growth in life.

His mantra is simple living, positive feeling and transformational thinking. He lives in Mumbai now and is a doting dad to his young son and a dog dad.

Advisory Team

Champavati Anchan

Champavati Anchan is an alumnus of Jai Hind College, and completed her Post Graduation in Economics from Mumbai University having been a top ranker through the course, and was followed by a career which spanned across 30 years all of which was done as an Economist in the Exchange Control Department, ending her stint at the People Policy department for Reserve Bank of India. All of this was done alongside raising three children in the pre millennial era.

Mrs. Anchan firmly believes in the ethics of life which firmly revolved around Family, Home and Health. She is a genuine animal lover and never thinks twice before helping a distressed animal. Other aspects of life which interest her are the live world happenings, reading books, and cooking. Through her life she has set various examples in finding true happiness in life, especially in the smaller aspects. Her motto in life being “Simple living by giving life the best always.”

Fatema Agarkar

Founder, Agarkar Centre of Excellence (ACE), Mumbai, India

Veteran of 3 educational start-ups including the current one born during the Covid19 incubation - ACE that combines sports and education, Fatema is an award winning educator, avid blogger, parenting expert, shortly authoring books on educator resources & parenting apart from that she is a consultant to many schools (set up close to 40 pan India), on the advisory board of several organisations, she's passionate about skilling teachers, designing content that is relevant for students and working with changing mindsets. She's got a 15 year-old who she adores and a husband who's a celebrated cricketer who is a partner in crime in the new initiative with Sports. Recently, Fatema was also recognised as 'One of the Top 50 Indian Leaders Who Can Revive Education by the prestigious Education World. She's all about creating disruptions and futuristic ideas! Loves writing, reading, travelling and street food!!!

Mr. Sandeep Chhabra

Principal, Indus International School, Pune, India.

An alumnus of the Wynberg-Allen School, Mussoorie and a post-graduate in Chemistry, Mr Sandeep Chhabra has over 35 years of experience in education and has worked very closely with the four major school curriculum systems in India – International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), CBSE, and CISCE (ICSE/ISE).

Mr Chhabra believes that education should be a fine balance between Academic Excellence and Whole Education. His experience in various positions such as Director Curriculum, Chairman of Games Committee, Head of Activities, House Master has given him hands on and in-depth exposure towards Whole Education.

As an IB School Principal, he has been instrumental in setting up two boarding schools in Dehradun & Chandigarh. Mr Chhabra has been part of the curriculum committee for several boards and has also set papers for board examinations.

Mr Chhabra believes that when institutions work closely with parents, students can achieve success. He believes in teaching learners to do things differently and training them to be capable of doing anything they put their minds to. According to him, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Innovation empowers learners to develop the skills they need in order to meet the requirements of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Radhika M Dudhat

Partner, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co., Mumbai, India

Radhika has worked on a wide range of transactional work in the areas of regulatory advisory, real estate, intellectual property rights, projects and project financing, corporate advisory and documentation and legal risk management advisory. Focus of her work over the years has been to structure transactions, provide strategy, documentation and negotiation in respect to complex and sensitive transaction and/or situations across industry verticals.

Over the years she has developed the practice of legal risk management to assess and advise in the management of legal risk whether regulatory, contractual and/or other litigation risk and has advised several complex transaction requiring understanding of Corporate Governance, Insolvency Law, Environmental Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Data Protection, Telecom, Cyber and other Regulatory Laws. She also advises on setting up businesses in India and providing compliance and regulatory framework applicable for the business and risk management for the same.

Radhika was a part of the core group committee established by the Government of Maharashtra to make recommendations to the State Government on legal issues relating to privatization. She is a Director on the Boards of listed and unlisted companies. Radhika is a Faculty and Guest Speaker at various educational, institutional and business forums to speak on wide range of subjects including on legal, commercial and self-development related topic. She also studies and speaks on the Indian Shastras.

Anil Kumar

Anil is a motivational speaker, leadership expert, fundraiser for alternative investment funds, and a highly decorated former military officer. Passionate about bringing out the best in people, Anil inspires and encourages leaders to build worldclass organizations and realize their true potential. His mantra “Stay Curious & Be Happy” is reflected in his wide range of life experiences that he shares through simple stories.

Anil works with Shoreline Investments, raising capital from Institutional investors for alternative investment funds like Hedge funds, Private Equity & Debt funds. Mr. Kumar started his corporate career in 2004 as Director of Sales and Marketing with Vega Asset Management, a 12 Bn dollars hedge fund platform with offices in Madrid, New York and London.

Anil started his professional journey as an Infantry officer, serving the Indian Army for 10 years. A Major, with front-line leadership in command, staff and instructional roles, he is a recipient of the gallantry award ‘Shaurya Chakra’, awarded by the President of India for exceptional bravery in anti-terrorist operations. Mr. Kumar is an alumnus of London Business School, Indian School of Business (ISB) where he majored in ‘Leadership & Change Management’ and Marketing. He is an undergraduate of the prestigious National Defence Academy. Anil is a dedicated father of two young girls. He is married to a senior Indian diplomat and the family has lived amongst different cultures in India, Spain, Argentina, Singapore, Switzerland, Oman and Italy.

Nitin Thakur

Nitin is a Harvard alumnus & a TEDx Speaker with 19 years of visionary experience in Talent Management, Leadership Development & Learning. As a Head of Learning & Development for Jindal Stainless Steel, he is responsible for building a learning culture that builds the capability & performance of its employees. In the past he has held the positions of Global L&D Head & APAC Talent Management Head with Rockwell Automation. Nitin is also a faculty on Organisational Psychology with Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC). He is passionate about living everyday happy.

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