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Can free time make us happier?

Studies have shown that spending money on experiences is more rewarding than buying material goods.

The problem is, many of us are spending our free time in ways that aren’t really making us happy.

See, happiness leads to success, it is not the other way round. So if we want to be successful, we need to aim for happiness and resilience. But, leisure doesn’t guarantee to improve quality of life unless one knows how to use it effectively.

So what’s the best way to optimize your free time? While there’s no perfect activity that’s best for everyone, some experiences are just junk experiences and others are like superfoods.

Any superfood activity puts you in a state of flow, which is like an optimal experience arising from intense involvement in an activity that is enjoyable. Hence, finding the activities that lead you to a state of flow is the key to achieving creativity, rhythm, and happiness.

Now here are some questions that you should ask about this free time activity of yours –

  • 1. Does it give a story to tell?
  • 2. Does it change/improve me is some way?
  • 3. Does it help you to leave aside your social or digital life?
  • 4. Is it enhancing your relationships?
  • 5. Does it bring a sense of challenge?
  • 6. Are you contributing to the society in some way with that activity?
  • 7. Finally, can it bring a single moment of ‘Awe’?

If you are able to get a satisfactory answer. This activity is a must-do for you. Free time does not make us happy, but the quality of what we do with it does.

People in the digital economy are spending 50% of their time in front of screens and the meta-universe will make it to 90%. Some people are even afraid of the concept of – time-offs. They burn out their mindfulness chasing an efficient day.

Yes, it’s important to mint money and does your chores. But an equally important part of life is to be mindful and let life happen to you. Give it a chance by managing to create free time in your life and bonding with the gifts of life.

What do you do in your leisure time? Let’s start a conversation.


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