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Getting into a profession is easy, what makes it difficult is the confidence you need to prove yourself day in and day out, talking to your clients and bosses, making things happen. I want to share a few tips from my own life and observation that will definitely boost your confidence 10X.

Step 1 – Keep attending seminars and professional training sessions whenever and wherever you can. They provide a sense of accomplishment and let you stay in the game with the latest information. This will charge up your confidence, every day.

Step 2 – Choose and learn the skills you want to become good at. New skills are equivalent to having new tools for solving a more difficult problem. No matter what your profession throws at you, more skills will always provide more confidence.

Step 3 – Dress well. Dressing to appear more professional and coming into work with a business appearance may help influence the confidence you feel when performing your job and interacting with your peers and superiors.

Step 4 – Leave your comfort zone occasionally. This confidence-boosting strategy can be tough to apply, but leaving your comfort zone can be one of the most effective ways to gain more confidence in your career.

Step 5 - Consider the successful people you know, or find someone who appears confident and self-assured in their job and observe their mannerisms and how they interact with other people. You can incorporate some strategies you observe confident peers applying in their own careers to help you develop your own confidence.

Step 6 – Focus on your strengths. Keep reminding yourself and practice them every day. Focusing on your strengths can help you boost your confidence, as it requires you to measure your success and abilities.

Step 7 – Eliminate the negative language. For building confidence it’s important to assess the way you perceive yourself. If you find you are overly critical of yourself or you entertain self-doubt regularly, you should take steps to change this mindset. Words are like prayer, you get what you ask for.

Lastly, ask questions to your peers when you are in doubt about something. Don’t let it eat your self-confidence.


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