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Any work environment can turn you unstable and drastically reduce your performance. Mental strength is a clear factor in the corporate success or for that matter, any kind of professional success.

So what makes you mentally strong at work? Here are my observations –

The professionals who create clear boundaries about their work, conversations, credit of work, and even timelines of work, are far more mentally happy than the people who don’t. Set your own limit to how much violation in your space is tolerable. Be vocal about it, as and when it suits.

Focus on the controllable aspects of your profession. You cannot change your boss or the company policies but you can strengthen the work ethics inside you and your team. You can take projects that actually utilize your best potential.

Share your work troubles with only those who can understand. You must carry your complaints to the people who can actually help you solve them. This can even apply to a troubling colleague. Addressing all such issues is important for your mental strength.

Share a deeper connection with at least a few of your colleagues. Have a mutual understanding that goes beyond the walls of your office. Making a close friend at the office can boost your morale and sense of connectivity to your work. Don’t be afraid to make a few good friends.

Don’t eat lunch at your desk. Getaway to a place where you can actually enjoy your lunch with mindfulness. Take breaks in between stressful sessions of work for mindful breathing. This will bring your focus and peace back.

Get plenty of sleep and exercise after office. Dilute your stray thoughts about work so you can be more mindful about the people and activities in your personal life as well.

Always have an exit strategy. It doesn’t need to be rough. Just think of it like if you have outgrown your environment, or the environment is not good enough for your growth due to any reason. Build a solid plan for exit and then stick to it. It will always involve risk, but some risks are worth your mental peace.

  1.   Other smaller things that can help:     
  2.        1. Improve your work posture.
  3.        2. Balance your social and alone time.
  4.        3. Schedule some fun activities on weekdays too.
  5.        4. Journal about your work & progress.

Let’s take mental wellbeing to the next level together in 2022. Share these ideas with your connections.


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