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For Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd


1. The Power of Positive Mental Health @ Work During Challenge And Uncertainty

How to manage stress, avoid burnout, and strengthen emotional fitness skills during difficult times

2. Leading Through Change and Adversity Practical skills to help struggle less and optimize the team's capacity to thrive through challenges

3. Happiness Is a Skill Science-backed skills to help struggle less and experience more joy and meaning!

4. Challenge is constant. Struggle and burnout are optional

Science-backed skills to help you struggle less and thrive more - even during turbulent times

5. The Science of Gratitude Cultivates a human-centred culture of gratitude to boost engagement and performance.


*All of the talk was delivered virtually to the India Operations team through the head office board room*

The Power of Positive Mental Health @ Work During Challenge And Uncertainty

How to manage stress, avoid burnout, and strengthen your 360 health skills during difficult times

Uncertainty and workplace challenges are leading to all new levels of employee stress, overwhelm, and burnout. This is our collective wake-up call to recognize that our well-being has a direct impact on every aspect of work and performance and to make emotional fitness a non-negotiable priority as a workplace skill.

Engaging the minds and the hearts of participants with his vulnerability, warmth, and humor, Manny reveals insights about the human brain and  simple,  yet  transformative  mindset  shifts  to  struggle less so you can bring your full capacity to your work and inevitable challenges that arise.

Manny shared straight talk, research in neuroscience and psychology, and his powerful, personal story of success and burnout to activate audience members to practice their emotional fitness skills. Employees and leaders leave with immediate, super-practical ways to reduce stress, feel uplifted, boost their resilience, and foster a greater senseof connection with their colleagues (even when working remotely).

Leading Through Change and Adversity

Practical skills to help you struggle less and optimize your team's capacity to thrive through challenges.

To be a great leader means to positively impact other people's capacity to thrive. And you can't positively impact others if you're burned out, overwhelmed, and ignoring your own emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

In this practical and inspiring talk session, Manny, a leading expert on emotional fitness, happiness and leadership, shared research, straight talk, and his powerful personal story of burnout to activate leaders to make their emotional fitness their number one priority as a leadership skill.

Leaders walked away with tangible takeaways and science-backed practices to improve their own emotional awareness and better manage stress. They gained immediate strategies to help their team cultivate emotional openness, improve well-being, and create a culture of psychological safety and gratitude.

Happiness Is a Skill

Science-backed skills to help you struggle less and experience more joy and meaning!

In this vulnerable and practical talk, internationally recognized happiness maverick Manny shares his lifelong struggle of searching for the elusive "big happy" through achievements and how he finally made the essential mindset shifts that allowed him to live with more self-compassion, joy, and meaning.

Manny redefines happiness as a skill that anyone can cultivate and using his science-backed simple yet transformative skills and practices - to help you experience more joy in everyday moments and get through tough times with greater ease. Stop saying "I'll be happy when..." and use the proven practices Manny shares to feel happier today.

Challenge is constant. Struggle and burnout are optional.

Science-backed skills to help you struggle less and thrive more - even during turbulent times

Change and challenges are constants in our modern work environment and with them comes increased stress, overwhelm, and risk of burnout. Two-thirds of global employees report feeling burnout at least sometimes and in 2020, the World Health Organization officially recognized it as an occupational phenomenon.

But work doesn't have to equal burnout! There are science-backed skills you can practice to reduce struggle, manage your energy, and find more meaning and satisfaction in your work.

In this practical and authentic talk, Manny shares hard-fought personal lessons from his corporate journey across multiple continents, his career success as a  business leader in C suite positions and subsequently quitting at the top. Using the proven hacks from his globally critically acclaimed book the Happiness Samurai, he offered balanced fitness skills and simple practices that leaders and employees can immediately use to help break free from daily burnout, reduce stress and struggle, and make mental health a realistic priority at work.

The Science of Gratitude

Cultivate a human-centered culture of gratitude to boost engagement and performance

An overwhelming amount of research has shown that cultivating a culture of gratitude, kindness, and trust has a dramatic positive impact on productivity, creativity, innovation, resilience, and ultimately, on the performance of an organization as a whole.

Manny has helped thousands of people, elite educational institutions and multiple companies develop a happiness practice with transformational results. In this practical and inspiring talk, Manny shared mindset shifts, hard-hitting research, and easy-to-implement practices that employees and teams can do in only minutes a day to help them improve their emotional fitness, increase resilience, and derive fulfillment from their contribution at work.

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