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Ikigai is a Japanese concept that broadly speaking translates as a "reason for being". The idea of achieving Ikigai is to bring satisfaction and meaning to life which paves the way to professional and personal success. Everyone has an Ikigai. Discovering and achieving one's own is a personal journey unlike anyone else's. 

In our current VUCA + world individuals want to be in thriving environment that provides positive flourishing. The purpose is to find a balanced approach whilst nurturing self awareness and mindfulness. The IQ model incorporates both emotional and social transformation through various modalities, forging a productive ethos to shape self motivated balanced individuals.

 The module is created to help individuals study Ikigai as one happy purpose driven way to find their unique reason of being in their life journey. If you don't know what your Ikigai is yet, your mission is to discover it".

Is 'IKIGAI QUOTIENT' more important than intelligence? 

As workplaces change, is it enough to be smart? Enter IQ, the capacity to adapt, that may well determine your future career success. 

Once, if you wanted to assess how well someone might do climbing the career ladder, you might have considered asking them to take an intelligence test. For years, it was thought that the intelligence test - which measures memory, analytical thinking and mathematical ability - was one of the best ways to predict our future job prospects.

 More recently, there has been increased attention on emotional intelligence (EQ), broadly characterized as a set of interpersonal, self-regulation and communication skills. EQ is now widely seen as a tool kit that plays an important role in helping us succeed in multiple aspects of life. 

Enter Ikigai quotient, or IQ, a subjective set of qualities loosely defined as the ability to pivot and flourish in an environment of fast and frequent change.

 IQ is not just the capacity to absorb new scenarios, but the ability to work out what is relevant, to unlearn obsolete knowledge, overcome challenges, and to make a conscious effort to change with a positive purpose.

- The IQ involves the 4CRPD approach.

Through which IQ can manifest in potential candidates: if they can picture possible versions of the future by asking "The Ikigai Framework" questions, if they can reset information, unlearn patterns to reskill, if they can reimagine and be resilient in the journey forward. BY 4 As society changes, could IQ be more crucial to career success? If so, how do you identify it - and is there a way to hone IQ to future-proof your career? One thing we do know is that the workplaces of the future will operate differently. We may not all be comfortable with the pace of change - but we can prepare. 

Every profession will require adaptability and flexibility, from banking to the arts. Say you are an architect. Your intelligence gets you through the examinations to become qualified, then your emotional intelligence helps you connect with an interviewer, land a job and develop relationships with clients and colleagues. Then, when systems change or aspects of work are automated, you need IQ to accommodate this innovation and adapt to new ways of performing your role. 

One good thing about IQ is that - even if you can't measure it - residents from okinawa say you can work to develop it. Research shows some people have more creative or courageous personalities, which may explain why they are naturally better at pursuing their passion than others. "However, if one does not continue to prioritize the goals, the passion you are born with could decrease over time."

We suggest four ways to enhance your Ikigai teaching module experience: first, limit distractions and learn to focus so you can determine what decisions to make. Second, ask uncomfortable questions, to develop courage and normalize fear. Third, be curious about things that fascinate you which reinforces our ability to adapt to difficult challenges. Four, identification of the self by exploring activities , skill sets and connections with a lens to evaluate satisfaction , passion , drive and sustainability. This will bring you better clarity on the Ikigai blueprint.

The mission to be creative, stay resilient, have a purpose and deliver with passion is indeed the secret to a meaningful vocation and rewarding profession. Welcome to The Ikigai Quest Tribe...


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